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Nell Mamleeva
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Nell Mamleeva One of the most touching and delicate albums on russian dark scene. It bursted me into tears. Favorite track: The Other Side.
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    After the concept neofolk album "Lullabies" Stillife are returning to the goth-rock / darkwave genre, raising the bar of their longplay "Destiny". A new album "Shattered" comes in a 6-panel digipack CD with a 16-page booklet.

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"Shattered" is a melodic blend of gothic guitar riffs, groovy basslines, epic keyboards, trademark violin and a string quartet. This is the album, where dark music fans will find something to their taste: classic gothic rock, darkwave and neoclassic elements united by the overall melancholy and elegance which have lived on every album of Stillife for almost 20 years.


released December 13, 2016

Recorded in 2016 at "Stillife" Studios, Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Mixed and mastered by Alexey Fedirko at "Alex Records", Burbank, CA, USA.

Photos by Danila Bespalov and Stanislav Ivanov. Artwork by Denis Naumenko and Stillife.

Thanks to our families, friends and all those who helped us in the recording of this album.

Dedicated to Pavel Gromov: "I have to stay alive just to resist..."



all rights reserved


Stillife Russian Federation

Life frozen in an instant, or just a life-long instant. Eternal themes of love, loneliness and human tragedy are embodied in melancholic soundscapes with midtempo beats and heart touching viola passages. STILLIFE is remaining the representative of true and sincere darkwave meeting the world dark scene standards. ... more

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Track Name: Always Apart
I tried so hard to change my ways,
So many days were overdue.
For all I know that it’s too late,
But I keep waiting... waiting for you.

Your passion is lost, my memories are scattered.
We can’t deny that anymore.
Within ourselves we are so complicated,
But I still hope to reach that distant shore.

Always apart, always apart,
Always somewhere away from the heart.
Always apart, always apart.
You are somewhere.
Always somewhere.
Track Name: Shattered
I don’t believe in empty words
Devoid of any reason.
I never knew the truth could hurt
To end another season.

Misunderstanding and regret,
Trapped in signs and letters.
I never thought we could forget,
Our love became a shadow.

When all hopes are shattered
You turn off the light.
It doesn’t matter,
We are leaving tonight.

So come and take my hand,
We're going to the land.
The land of no return,
Where memories will burn.

So come, forget your fear,
All troubles disappear.
Be ready to depart
To the beating of my heart.
Track Name: Voices
This isn't where I used to live.
I can't forget, you won't forgive.
You're not the one I used to know,
And now it's over, I must go.

Is this for real or just a dream?
The moving shadows, silent scream.
Then darkness falls and I recall
The shattered mirror on the wall.

There's no reflection from my side.
Within this realm we will abide.
But when I look inside the glass
I see the faces of the past.

The night prevails, the air is still.
There's nothing I can ever feel.
Forever lost and so declined
Emotions we can never find.

Is this a dream, or is it real?
The last intentions I conceal.
Then darkness falls and I recall
The hidden door inside the wall.

There is no entrance from inside,
The only key is in your mind.
And when the ashes turn to dust
I hear the voices of the past.

Track Name: Ongoing Overrides
You leave, I wait.
You love, I hate.
You sleep, I wake.
You give, I take.

You smile, I frown.
You swim, I drown.
You laugh, I cry.
You live, I die.

I fall, you fly.
I fail, you try.
I lose, you win.
I'm out, you're in.

I stop, you go.
I fade, you glow.
I ask, you lie.
We live, we die.

You are the light,
I am the night.
Forever separated
Ongoing overrides.

You made your mind,
I was so blind.
The opposites attracting,
Ongoing overrides.
Track Name: My Old House
Every wall in my house
Is just a bleak polaroid.
The mirrors are crafted
Of black and white celluloid.

The breeze waves the curtains
Made of laughter and perfume.
My tired floor's been keeping
All the secrets for me to exhume.

The windows of my house
Are my father's eyes.
The grass was greener, but now
It's the world that I don't recognize.

The lamps in my old house
Are my sweet memories.
I'll put one in my bag
To light the way through centuries.

I leave the key, I slam the door,
My friend, I'm coming back no more.
I cannot stay, tears in my eyes,
I step towards my new sunrise.

I take a breath, the dawn is near.
My destiny lies away from here.
So this is how my childhood dies,
I disappear into my new sunrise.
Track Name: Let Me In
O, let me in this one night,
This one, one, one night.
O, let me in this one night,
And rise, and let me in.

O girl, are you sleeping yet,
Or are you awake, I would know?
For love has bound me hand and foot,
And I would fondly be in, sweetheart.

You hear the winter wind and wet (rain):
No star twinkles through the driving sleet.
Take pity on my weary feet,
And shield me from the rain, sweetheart.

The bitter blast that round me blows,
Unheeded howls, unheeded falls:
The coldness of your heart is the cause
Of all my care and distress, sweetheart.
Track Name: In The Dark
We're reading days like pages
Of an unknown fairytale.
And waiting for the ages
To take us all away.

And nothing is for certain,
When black turns into white,
What hides behind the curtain
We'll clarify...

Tonight! We are alive.
Tomorrow, we'll be fine.
But yesterday takes you away,
And now we're dancing
In the dark.

So deadly disenchanted,
We're trapped inside this dream.
The love taken for granted
Could never be redeemed.

Too late for self-destruction,
Stop hiding from the light,
We feel the growing fluxion,
It's time for us...
Track Name: Birds Of Passage
Watching your last sunrise,
You recollect your first full moon.
Aimless and paralyzed.
The wrong decade will finish soon.

You used to be a life form,
Now an exquisite work of art.
In the age you were born.
Life was a wreck from the start.

So long, lonely souls.
Wandering between
Two planes of existence.
There is no way back,
No matter the distance.

Goodbye, you rebel hearts.
We got the message.
This earth is so cold,
You dead birds of passage.
Track Name: The Other Side
My photos are in ashes,
I had to strike the match.
Faces come in flashes,
I still got wounds to patch.

My library is dust,
My tapes are all erased.
I can't feed off the past,
My grief becomes defaced.

You haunt me in my dreams
And leave the ghostly trace.
Surrounding me with gleams
To see my weary face.

Don't read me like a book,
I am your code to crack.
Get me off the hook,
Just let me fade to black.

The dearest hold hands,
The beloved reunite.
But I choose to stay
Until the time is right.

I'm not following you,
I'm not ready to hide.
When I'm done in this world
Meet me on the other side.
Track Name: Timeless
You may walk in these woods,
Hungry memories are lurking.
They won't hurt you,
While the machine is working.

They're not afraid,
When its musical thunder rolls.
But it generates
The unique force of our souls.

Visible to those full of pain,
Our little invention has made you special again.
Invincible, we cure them of silence.
Our little invention has made us timeless.

You may stand in the flames,
Scorching your every day.
They won't hurt if you ask,
If you beg her to stay.

Touch our strings when it hurts,
To find courage for a new start.
As they can create
The most beautiful heart.

Visible to those full of pain.
Our little invention has made you special again.
Invincible, we cure them of silence.
Just a little invention, we are timeless.