XX - Live

by Stillife

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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    This release includes a live recording during the concerts that took place in the fall of 2018 and were devoted to the XX anniversary of Stillife. The band’s first official live album "XX - Live" comes in a classy 4-panel digipack CD with exclusive versions of the most favourite tracks!

    Includes unlimited streaming of XX - Live via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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This release includes a live recording during the concerts that took place in the fall of 2018 and were devoted to the XX anniversary of Stillife. New and exclusive versions of your favourite tracks together with unique live energy and sound - this is the band’s first official live album.


released December 27, 2018

Tracks 1-15: Recorded live on stage at "Lincoln", September 28, 2018, Moscow, Russia. Sound recording by Pavel Kholin. Mixed by Stanislav Ivanov. Mastered by Alexey Fedirko.
Track 16: Recorded at "Stillife" Studios, February/November 2018, Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Mixed and mastered by Alexey Fedirko at "Alex Records", November 2018, Burbank, CA, USA.

Music and lyrics by Stillife.
Photos by Victoria Votonovskaya.
Artwork by Bella Bzhukova.

Thanks to our fans and friends, who have supported us through all these XX years. Meet you on the other side!


all rights reserved



Stillife Russian Federation

Life frozen in an instant, or just a life-long instant. Eternal themes of love, loneliness and human tragedy are embodied in melancholic soundscapes with midtempo beats and heart touching viola passages. STILLIFE is remaining the representative of true and sincere darkwave meeting the world dark scene standards. ... more

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Track Name: Last Hope
False light fills my mind
And lifewings are cut
In fortune's satire
I've loosely played my part

Once slapped a crying child
And gave laughing whore a kiss
Claimed filth a beauty
Admiring serpent's hiss

Imprisoned, weak-willed
Calling you, touching them
I hate myself, but nonetheless
I find excuses again

Who am I now
When pleasure's a dope?
Dreaming of angel
With last bits of hope

Find me
In chains of disgust
Find me
Where “love” means lust
Save me
My flesh wants more
Save me
That's all I'm begging for
Track Name: The Wait
Alone... along the silent streets
Where shadows strangely fall
I smell the rusty burning leaves
I'm waiting for the call

And then I suddenly forget
All that I've kept inside
The sadness and regret
The years left behind

I wait for you to call
I'm searching for relief
But with every drop of rain
I'm loosing my belief
Track Name: Fragile
I thought I was not the one
To make you quit or go on
Still begging on my knees
To summon the past

Now I'm not the one
To turn back time
To save a single moment
Of your happiness

Last kisses are not enough
Letters won't make you stop
All that dust in the eyes
Won't make the hearts forget

Running after your train
I feel this trail is over for me
'Cause I thought I was not the one
To make you go on

So full of rainy romance
This world fails to survive for us
Tender like the old movie
Fragile like the finest glass
Track Name: Remember Me
When I leave this world
Listen to my song
Read my rhyme
No matter how long
I let you kiss my lips
For the last time

The joys and fears
I entwined in these lines
Will ease your woe
Just open the pages
But spill no tears
Let it all go

Remember me
It's all I ever needed
Remember me
All I suffered for is completed
Remember me
My hidden thoughts are yours
Remember me
All I leave on the earth
...is for you
Track Name: Relief
The road on which I stand
Unnoticed and silent I watch the clouds gathering
The wind blows into my face
Mixing tears with water
And I think that it’s better that way

I leave the house at dawn
My heart is empty and aching
Indifferent and free I walk among the rays of waking sun
I touch your hand
And when you watch me leaving
I smile for the first time

Eyes full of hope and
Filled with despair
(I try to) relieve the pain
For which I didn’t care
All strings torn and burnt
All songs dull and sung
And I think that it’s better that way

Steps in the rain
Breath instead of words
The last glance through the dirty window
This is my poetry of parting
That makes me cruel, calm and so beautiful
Relief for both of us but not death
Poetry for both of us and no death
Track Name: Destiny
Turn away, there's no escape
You cannot hide from yourself forever
Look around, but don't be afraid
This is the face you recall
In your dream
...'cause I'm your destiny

Don't forget, please don't forget
All those days we spent together
Far away, over the clouds
I'm lost in the abyss of time
Since you're gone
...'cause you're my destiny
Track Name: Living For You
I will follow you
To the edge of the world
Where the sun always shines
And flowers unfold

Just lend me your heart
And show me your smile
We will shed no more tears
There will be no more cry

I will give to you
All I have in my life
Just to make you forget
And keep you alive

When the stars lead the way
Our journey will start
Always staying together
Never falling apart

Whatever you do
Wherever you go
I'm living for you
You are not alone

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
You are not alone
I'm living for you
Track Name: Never Crossing Lines
Don’t let the pain dissolve your heart
Like lines which never mean to cross
Our lives will always be apart
We’d never know about the loss

Some wicked and resourceful hand
Will always put you off my way
No ache to feel, no wounds to mend
No love, no passion to repay

Upon the look in empty sky
The star you see is always mine
It’s you I’ll never tell a lie
It’s me you’ll never drop a line

And when our minutes cease to be
Days swept like withered autumn leaves
Soft darkness falls on you and me
With pleasure that it always gives

Don't lose your faith
And keep my guiding light
I know we'll meet one day
Yet we are still alive
Track Name: Black Lambs Three
O you, black lambs three
With your crooked horns
In the woods you tramped
From the early morn

On your fiddles you played
For our child to hear
What sweet music you made
For our baby to cheer

The owl she hooted
And her wings she beat
And the goat in his shed
He stamped his feet
Track Name: In The Hut
The Dog in the kitchen
Is baking the pie
The Cock in the corner
Is milling the rye

The Pussy is busy
With needle and thread
Until she has finished
She won’t go to bed

The Hen in her boots
Is sweeping the floor
The new moon is rising
In through the door

The house is clean now
All pretty and dry
The matting of stars
Unfolds in the sky

Sleep, little child
Sleep, sleep, sleep
Sleep, sleep by my side
Sleep, sleep, sleep
Track Name: Ongoing Overrides
You leave, I wait
You love, I hate
You sleep, I wake
You give, I take

You smile, I frown
You swim, I drown
You laugh, I cry
You live, I die

I fall, you fly
I fail, you try
I lose, you win
I'm out, you're in

I stop, you go
I fade, you glow
I ask, you lie
We live, we die

You are the light
I am the night
Forever separated
Ongoing overrides

You made your mind
I was so blind
The opposites attracting
Ongoing overrides
Track Name: Shattered
I don’t believe in empty words
Devoid of any reason
I never knew the truth could hurt
To end another season

Misunderstanding and regret
Trapped in signs and letters
I never thought we could forget
Our love became a shadow

When all hopes are shattered
You turn off the light
It doesn’t matter
We are leaving tonight

So come and take my hand
We're going to the land
The land of no return
Where memories will burn

So come, forget your fear
All troubles disappear
Be ready to depart
To the beating of my heart
Track Name: Timeless
You may walk in these woods
Hungry memories are lurking
They won't hurt you
While the machine is working

They're not afraid
When its musical thunder rolls
But it generates
The unique force of our souls

Visible to those full of pain
Our little invention has made you special again
Invincible, we cure them of silence
Our little invention has made us timeless

You may stand in the flames
Scorching your every day
They won't hurt if you ask
If you beg her to stay

Touch our strings when it hurts
To find courage for a new start
As they can create
The most beautiful heart

Visible to those full of pain
Our little invention has made you special again
Invincible, we cure them of silence
Just a little invention, we are timeless
Track Name: Only Silence MMXVIII
I stood before the door of the old house
My eyes full of tears and heart full of hope
The wind brought delightful laughter of children
And tender evening sun warmed my memories
Years had passed and I came back
The door opened but no one welcomed me
...only silence

The day I was leaving, I showed my friends an arrogant smile
Suddenly came the faceless chill
It poisoned my belief and hope disappeared
I couldn't hide love in my heart because it was too cold
I lost my belief, my hope and at last – my love
And then came endless days of joy, long years of lies and hate
And what have I now?
...only silence

The last sparks of the summer, the summer that has passed
Are glimmering brightly in the placer of stars
In the skies high above, in the waters beneath
That are silently lapping under our feet

Just an instant in a world of heartlessness
So fragile and so strong
That at times we are not able to hold ourselves
When we soar up high just to fall

Now all is gone, but memories and pain
Remain untouched... alone again
The only thing I have - presentiment of nothing
When the moments are fading fast
And my presence turns to past
Day by day

Only the silence of the old house
Can reflect true life I live
Only the shadows of the old house
Can remind me everything, but they won’t forgive

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