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Eleven well-known Russian traditional lullabies are retold in an absolutely unrecognizable manner. Besides, the overall musical style of the project undergoes significant changes. Chill and all-devouring electronic soundscapes of the first albums give way to dreamlike acoustic moods. A new album is created upon the basis of classic sound of European neo-folk music and the unique melodism of Stillife. And it definitely won’t let you go from the first guitar chord until the last viola passage. So, when the lights go out and the last gleams of sunset are fading away, it’s time for “Lullabies”, it’s time for Stillife.


released December 31, 2012

All songs were written and recorded during the period of 2010-2012 at “Stillife” Studios, Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Drums were recorded at “Amurskie Volny” Studio, Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Piano accordion and female vocals were recorded at “Mezzamo” Home Studio, Tver, Russia.

Mixed and mastered by Alexey Fedirko.

Artwork and design by Katerina Pushkina.


all rights reserved



Stillife Russian Federation

Life frozen in an instant, or just a life-long instant. Eternal themes of love, loneliness and human tragedy are embodied in melancholic soundscapes with midtempo beats and heart touching viola passages. STILLIFE is remaining the representative of true and sincere darkwave meeting the world dark scene standards. ... more

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Track Name: Lullaby
A pretty gold bed
Has Pussy, has Pussy.
But my own Baby Sun
Has a prettier one.

A pillow of down
Has Pussy, has Pussy.
But my own Baby Sun
Has a downier one.

A quilt soft as silk
Has Pussy, has Pussy.
But my own Baby Sun
Has a silkier one.

A curtain of lace
Has Pussy, has Pussy.
But my own Baby Sun
Has a lacier one.

‘Tis sweet dreams she sees,
Does Pussy, does Pussy.
But my own baby will
See sweeter ones still.

Yes, my baby she will
See sweeter ones still.
Track Name: Magpie
“Magpie, Magpie, tell me, pray,
Where have you been?”
“Far away!”

“You built a fire,
And you cooked some mash,
You called your friends,
And here, in a flash,
A hungry brood
By the porch they stood.
You drew your spoon,
They held the noon.”

“Magpie, Magpie, tell me, dear,
Where have you been?”
“I've been near!”

“The squirrel had some,
And so did the hare,
The fox and the owl
They each got a share.
But the wolf in the hole
Got nothing at all.
His little grey soul
Got nothing at all!”

“He had fetched no water,
He had chopped no wood,
He had built no fire,
He had cooked no food!”
Track Name: O, Ladushki
“Come, little birdies, come and speak,
Were you at Granny's house this week?”
“So we were, today, today,
But now we're back, and here we'll stay.”

“Come, little birdies, come and play,
O, Ladushki, Ladushki, just a little game!”
“You clap your hands, and call your name,
Because now we're back, and here we'll stay.”

“What did you have to eat, to eat?”
“A bowl of porridge and a plate of meat.”

“What did you have to drink, to drink?”
“A pot of tea and a mug of milk.

The porridge was good, and the milk was too,
And Granny was nice, and so were you.
We ate and we drank our fill, and then
Went flying home to Baby again.

On her head we perched, and sang a song —
Tweet-tweet-tweet! — all the morning long.”
Track Name: Sleep, My Baby
Sleep, my Baby, rock-a-bye,
Boots of felt for you I’ll buy.
You will put them on to play
In the snow on winter’s day.

Boots of felt I’ll buy for you,
And a pair of mittens too.
You will put them on to play
In the snow on winter’s day.

Sleep, my Baby, nevermind,
Shoes of bast for you I’ll bind.
You will take them all to play
In the grass on summer’s day.

Shoes of bast I’ll bind for you,
And a mushroom basket too.
You will take them all to play
In the grass on summer’s day.
Track Name: On The Stove
On the stove Puss lies asleep,
In his pillows buried deep.

While he sleeps the Mice wax gay;
Joining hands, they dance and play.

Do not wake him, Mousies, or
You, my dears, will dance no more!
Track Name: White Geese
“O, white geese that fly
High up in the sky,
Where have you been?
And what have you seen?”

“A wolf we did see,
His fangs he did bare,
A gosling he carried
Off to his lair.”

“O, white geese, fly back
And peck at the wolf;
Peck at him, geese,
Save the gosling, please!”
Track Name: Black Lambs Three
O you, black lambs three
With your crooked horns,
In the woods you tramped
From the early morn.

On your fiddles you played
For our child to hear,
What sweet music you made
For our baby to cheer.

The owl she hooted
And her wings she beat,
And the goat in his shed,
He stamped his feet.
Track Name: Rabbit
Rabbit, come and play with me,
Long Ears, come and play with me.
Rabbit, Rabbit, do not hide,
Let us frolic side by side.

Rabbit, Rabbit, pick a bloom,
Long Ears, Long Ears, pick a bloom.
Pick a flower, Rabbit, do,
Choose a red one or a blue.

Rabbit, show me bunch of flowers,
Long Ears, show me bunch of flowers.
Oh, how gay it is and bright
Rabbit, Rabbit, hold it tight!

Rabbit, join me in a dance,
Long Ears, join me in a dance.
Rabbit, Rabbit, dance away,
Dance the whole long summer day!
Track Name: In The Hut
The Dog in the kitchen
Is baking the pie,
The Cock in the corner
Is milling the rye.

The Pussy is busy
With needle and thread.
Until she has finished
She won’t go to bed.

The Hen in her boots
Is sweeping the floor,
The new moon is rising
In through the door.

The house is clean now
All pretty and dry,
The matting of stars
Unfolds in the sky.

Sleep, little child,
Sleep, Sleep.
Sleep by my side,
Sleep, Sleep.
Track Name: Der graue Wolf
Schlaf Kindlein, leg dich nieder
Am Rande des Bettes liege nicht
Der graue Wolf wird kommen
Um dich zu greifen
Der graue Wolf wird dich greifen
Und in den Wald fortschleppen
Er wird dich unter den Tuff legen
Unter dem Tuff so laut und freudig
singen die Vögel
Dort wirst du nicht schlafen
Schlaf Kindlein, leg dich nieder
Am Rande des Bettes liege nicht
Schlaf Kindlein, schlaf...

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